Evaporation Filaments, Boats & Crucibles

evaporation sources Boat Filaments

PhotonExport provides thermal sources including filaments, baskets, liners or crucibles for electron beam sources, for direct resistance heating, or for PLD (Pulsed laser deposition) sources or targets. Our offerings include:

Thermal Filament Sources

  • Point & Loop Heaters
  • Coil Heaters
  • Basket Heaters
  • Spiral Heaters

Thermal Boat Sources

  • Boat Heaters
  • Alumina-Coated Boat Heaters
  • Boat Heaters for Microelectronics

Thermal Box Sources

  • Tantalum Box Heaters
  • Tantalum Box Heaters for Microelectronics
  • SiO Baffled Box Heaters
  • Baffled Box Heaters (Al2O3 Coated)

Thermal Rod Sources

  • Chrome-Plated Tungsten Rods
  • Tungsten Rods


  • Crucibles Liners for E-Beam
  • Sources Crucibles for Thermal Sources

Typical materials are: Graphite, Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum,  Tantalum, Aluminum Oxide, Quartz, Boron Nitride, Carbon

PhotonExport can provide custom evaporation sources according to your specifications. We also supply standard sources including following brands: Telemark/Temescal, Edwards EB3, Balzers, Kurt J. Lesker, FerroTec, Varian, MDC and Thermionics.