AMC 1000

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In microsystems technology, the requirements for production processes and product quality, along with cost pressure in wafer processing, are high. This is where our wafer processing equipment comes in. The focus is on customers’ needs and attractive cost-performance calculations. Each tool, including the AMC 1000, can be optimized for either flexible single processes or high throughput. Additionally, AMS PILOT software independently controls processes in every piece of equipment, supporting the operator and optimizing all processes. This equipment provides solutions for substrate coating, developing, cleaning, heating/cooling, and lift-off, helping you achieve your goals.


Flexible machine configurationProcessing of different wafer sizes
Wafer diameters2″ to 8″
I/O Stations (2″ to 6″)Up to 4 I/O stations (max. 4x open carriers or 2x SMIF)
I/O Stations (8″)Up to 2 I/O stations (open carriers or SMIF)
Process modulesMax. 3 individually selectable process modules
Wafer handler1 two-link wafer handler
Outer dimension (W x L)1236 mm x 1150 mm
AMC 1000 details

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