AMC 2000

At PhotonExport, we understand the critical importance of precision, efficiency, and reliability in semiconductor manufacturing. That’s why we’re proud to distribute the AMC 2000 – a product designed to redefine the standards of semiconductor wet processing, in Spain and Portugal.

the AMC 2000, a versatile solution designed to meet the high demands of microsystems technology. This advanced wafer processing equipment is optimized for both flexible single processes and high throughput, addressing the critical requirements for production processes and product quality under cost pressures. The AMC 2000 supports wafer diameters from 2″ to 8″ and features up to 4 I/O stations for substrates within this range, accommodating up to 4 open carriers or 2 SMIF. With up to 5 individually selectable process modules and a two-link wafer handler, the AMC 2000 ensures efficient and precise operations. The system’s outer dimensions are 1382 mm x 1596 mm, allowing for compact integration into production environments.

Wafer diameters2″ to 8″
I/O Stations (2″ to 8″)Up to 4 I/O stations (max. 4x open carriers or 2x SMIF)
Individually Selectable Process ModulesMax. 5 individually selectable process modules
Wafer handler1 two-link wafer handler
Outer Dimension (W x L)1382 mm x 1596 mm
AMC 2000

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