AMC 2500

PhotonExport Official Representative in Equipment brands from Spain , we have the best machines: AMC 2500.

Our AMC 2500 boasts smart and well-thought-out features, such as a sophisticated dispense system and media re-use or recycling of dissolved metals in lift-off processes. These features not only save resources and energy but also contribute to reducing waste materials and the ecological footprint of our equipment.

The AMC 2500 is equipped with a great number of sophisticated standard features that ensure comfortable tool handling and optimized, high-precision processing. Compact service packages are also available for high throughput, with specifications including wafer diameters ranging from 2″ to 8″, up to 4 I/O-stations (max. 4 x open carriers or 3 x SMIF), and a maximum of 7 individually selectable process modules. With 2 two-link wafer handlers or 1 two-link wafer handler on a linear track, the AMC 2500 offers exceptional performance within an outer dimension of 1414 mm x 2048 mm.

Wafer diameters2″ to 8″
I/O StationsUp to 4 I/O stations (max. 4 x open carriers or 3 x SMIF)
Individually Selectable Process ModulesMax. 7 individually selectable process modules
Wafer handler2 two-link wafer handlers or 1 two-link wafer handler on a linear track
Outer Dimension (W x L)1414 mm x 2048 mm
AMC 2500

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