AMC 500

PhotonExport Official Representative in Equipment brands from Spain and Portugal, we have the best machines: AMC 500 .

The extremely compact and fully automatic spinner is optimized for flexible single wafer wet processes, perfectly complementing the series of single-wafer-process tools. With a substrate size range between 2” and 300 mm (9” square), it offers highly flexible application possibilities in cleaning, lift-off, and etching of wafers and masks. The new, unique solutions for precise media temperature control and recycling support precise processes, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact by saving etchants.

Specifications of AMC 500

Etching Module• Etching of a multitude of round and square wafers and masks
• Various etching processes as standard solutions available
• Precise media tempering solution and control
Cleaning Module• Cleaning of wafer frontside, backside, and edge bevel
• Various cleaning methods as standard solutions available
• Large area megasonic
Lift-off Module• High-pressure lift-off
• Unique lift-off process with large area megasonic
• High- or medium-pressure cleaning with DIW or solvents
• Special reclaim solution for minimal media consumption
• Easy recycling of lifted metals
• Programmable wafer backside, topside, and bowl rinse
Media Unit• External unit for the storage of additional media vessels (supplementary to storage of 3 vessels inside the tool housing)
• Reclaim, tempering, and mixing is possible
• Ready for bulk filling via fab supply
Optimal Configurations• Media reclaim
• Concentration monitoring
• Filter fan unit with antistatic discharge system
• Optical endpoint detection
AMC 100 1

Technical details

• Wafer diameters: 2 up to 300 mm or up to 9 x 9
• Up to 2 I/O stations for 2 to 200 mm openn cassettes or 300 mm FOUP
• Max 3 integrated individual chemical supply systems (more possible in external media unit)
• 1 two-link robot handler with single end effector for lowcontact handling
• Outer dimensions L x W: 1215 x 600 mm

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