Catalogs and Technical Papers

Explore our comprehensive range of downloadable catalogs and brochures covering specifications for thin film equipment, vacuum deposition materials, and our services.

Discover bonding specifications, ramp-up techniques, sputtering targets, substrates, along with technical details on cutting-edge materials like ROBAX, Ultra Low Expansion Glass (ULE), and Fused Silica. Stay informed about the latest scientific trends in thin films technology.

Thin films equipment, vacuum deposition materials and services catalogs

Evaporation materials


PhotonExport’s Equipment Catalog

Our comprehensive equipment catalog includes a wide array of wafer processing tools, oxidation systems, lithography equipment, etching and cleaning solutions, CVD and PVD tools, and thermal processing options, tailored to different scales of semiconductor production and research.

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Sputtering Targets, and Materials Catalog

PhotonExport offers a diverse range of quality-certified sputtering targets, including custom-made options, for various thin film deposition needs. Additionally, we provide highly pure evaporation materials and thermal sources, catering to both Physical Vapor Deposition and Pulsed Laser Deposition systems.

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Substrates, Crystals, and Wafers Catalog

Our substrates encompass a wide range of applications, from high-temperature superconductors and magnetic films and ferroelectric crystals, to semiconductor materials like silicon, germanium, and more. Our offerings extend to crystals and birefringent crystals, deposition or growth technologies and advanced polishing techniques.

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Material Vacuum Deposition

This document offers a comprehensive reference guide of vacuum deposition techniques for various materials and their properties.

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Brochure Bonding Specification

Our bonding catalog offers sputtering target bonding techniques, including indium bonds, as well as elastomer bonding method.

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Brochure Ramp-Up Consideration

Download our Ramp-up Consideration catalog now to gain insights into optimal practices for ceramic and alloy target considerations.

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ISO 9001 Certification

View the PhotonExport ISO 9001 certification document.

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Technical Papers

Scientific Trends on Thin Films

Learn more about the latest trends in thin film technology.

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Technical Specification: Ceramic/Glass ROBAX

Download the specifications of ROBAX Glass.

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Technical Specification: Fused Silica: Corning 7980

Download the specifications of Fused Silica: Corning 7980 Glass.

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Technical Specification Ceramic/Glass: (ULE)

Download the specifications of Ceramic/Glass: ULE Glass.

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