Diamond CVD Growth

PhotonExport is an official representative of Diamond CVD Growth Equipment brands in Spain and Portugal.

Features of Diamond CVD Growth

Numerous CVD techniques are used to produce diamond films, as it can be easily synthesized from gas-phase activation condition. The system offers electronic grade (VI) diamond, high growth rate, doping with nitrogen or boron, monocrystal, polycrystal and multi-monocrystal. The machine uses 2.45 GHz frequency source with 6 kW supplied. Nowadays, many companies opt for numerous chemical vapour deposition techniques and machines to produce diamond films, as we have at PhotonExport, as diamond can be successfully synthesised from the gas phase activation condition.

That is why we provide you with the right equipment with the quality demanded by the market under our seal of guarantee.

CVD Diamond Growth vacuum equipment
CVD Diamond Growth Vacuum Equipment

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