PhotonExport has signed with the american company, Denton Vacuum, in Munich, a distribution contract for Spain and Portugal  for its PVD and sputtering equipment for electronic microscopy sample preparation. We are proud to he partner of an historical player of Physical Vapor Deposition Systems with more than 50 years expertise in PVD and coatings.

The following systems are now in our offer:


  • A sputtering system that can be equipped for carbon evaporation
  • The DESK V HP is the global standard for electron microscopy sample preparation


  • Versatile full-range low-voltage (resistive) thermal evaporation platform
  • Can be configured for high resolution electron microscopy sample preparation

DV-502 »

  • Thermal Evaporation, DC & RF Sputtering
  • High-vacuum gate improves cycle times increasing throughput
  • Accommodate larger sample sizes

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