The quartz monitor crystal is a essential for quartz crystal based measurement and control system.



The crystal enables precise and repeatable thin film depositions.

Quartz crystal microbalance (QCMs) is microelectronic devices used in vacuum deposition chambers to measure the thickness of thin film on substrates. This is done by using the frequency response provided by the quartz crystal during the coating process. This frequency change can be associated to the quantity of coating material on the crystal surface.


Quartz crystals display thickness at the Ångström level (1 Angstrom is equivalent to 0.00000000393701 Inches or 0.0000001 Millimeters).  Their level of precision and accuracy is significant because thickness deviations as little as 10 Angstroms can have a big effect on product performance.


The implication of this process to control system and its limitation is an important step for developing innovative and new products. The importance of quartz crystal sensors has been increasing in the past twenty years, since more advanced optical, electrical, and magnetic devices demand a sensor capable to process the right measurements.


Some of the industries that use this process in their production processes: optical, semiconductor, solar cell, and thin film display (OLED).


Get a longer live of your quartz monitor crystal by selection the appropiate electrode.

  • 6MHz Quartz crystal sensors compatible with INFICON monitor, cotroller and microbalance.
    • Size: 14 mm (0.550 in.)
    • Frequency: 6 MHz
  • 5MHz Quartz crystal also available.
    • Size: 12.4 mm (0.489 in.)
    • Frequency: 5 MHz

Electrode Chart Selection

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