Quartz Crystal Thin-Film Controllers



Eon-LT PC-Based Monitor

Film Thickness Monitor with Temperature Measurement


The EonLT is a PC-based film thickness monitor that enables a simple feature-set for users who do not need process or temperature control. The EonLT offers innovative monitoring, with a technology that has been streamlined to provide a more compact, low-cost unit. The Eon-LT is a temperature measuring film thickness monitor which surpasses conventional monitors that are blind to thermal changes of the crystal.

The combination of frequency and temperature measurement allows unprecedented correctness in real-time rate and thickness monitoring.






Eon-ID Monitor w/ Integrated Display

Comprehensive, Versatile Film Thickness Monitor


Eon-ID is a versatile, affordable thin film deposition monitoring.  Eon-ID new film thickness monitor packages an ultra-high resolution deposition measurement system into a compact, rack mountable enclosure. Eon-ID film thickness monitor is the only product of its kind that works right out of the box. Eon-ID offers an all-inclusive design that adapts easily to a variety of settings – ranging from industrial to laboratory to clean room to research environments.

With its temperature monitoring capability, touchscreen display, and sturdy industry-ready design, Eon-ID presents an all-in-one solution.





We also provide thin film monitor accessories.