MWC2017 graphene
MWC2017 graphene

Graphene at the MWC 2017

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is an annual event held in Barcelona, which brings together

thousands of device manufacturers, vendors, mobile operators, technology providers and tech

enthusiasts from all over the world. It is world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, this year

event took place from 27 th February to 2 nd February in Fira Gran Via and we could not miss it.

This year main theme was “THE NEXT ELEMENT”. As always, there were new phones announced,

we could also see a flood of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) devices,

announcement and presentation of revolutionary 5G technology, new Nokia 3310 and even

smarter cars. But we find the “NEXT ELEMENT” to be carbon, in particular – graphene.

During last day of the conference there was an all-day- long workshop dedicated to the material re-

invented in 2004 by two professors of University of Manchester (2010 Nobel Prize winners in

Physics). And what’s interesting, one of the speakers was a member of the winning duet,

Konstantin Novoselov.

Mr. Novoselov presented history of the discovery, unique properties of the material together with

other mono-layer materials and its applications. He has also introduced graphene mass production


– chemical vapor deposition (CVD) applicable for photonics, electronics and coatings,

– growth on silicon carbide(SiC) for electronics and RF transistors,

– liquid phase exfoliation for coatings, composited, energy and biological applications,

– molecular assembly for nano-electronics,

– mechanical exfoliation for research and prototyping (interestingly, might be done with

scotch tape).

Other speakers gave insights on successful implementations of graphene and its future

applications in photonic devices for telecom and datacom, high-speed data link, wearables,

flexible printed electronics, various sensors and many others. The workshop session ended with

discussion panel and group discussion.

Norbert Filip – Photon Export attendee at MWC2017 Graphene presentation.