PhotonExport is dedicated to enabling cutting-edge research and innovation developments with our materials, equipment and expertise. We are committed to supporting those seeking a brighter and more sustainable future through scientific discovery.

With PhotonExport, all material needs for pioneering scientific discoveries are met.

Ophthalmic and Precision Optics Industry

Ophthalmic and Precision Optics Industry

For the ophthalmic and precision optics industry, we offer superior evaporation materials that help achieve anti-reflective surfaces and all necessary vacuum coatings, which helps transform traditional optical lenses into remarkable everyday eyewear.

Scientific Research

Scientific Research

PhotonExport is proud to provide high quality certified materials for scientific research in bio-sciences, physics to applied micro-electronics, optics, photonics, surface technologies, mechanics, tribology and nanotechnology to aid research.

PVD Hard Metal Coating industries

PVD Metal Hard Coating Industry

PhotonExport also provides hard coatings expertise and materials to sheet metal pressing and steel forming for aluminum foundries, machine parts, and automotive industries. Where reducing friction and enhancing wear resistance are critical for improving the life of mechanical components, tribological coating done with PhotonExport materials helps achieve that. All of which can offer manufacturers economic benefits and compliance with environmental and quality regulations.

PVD Decorative Coating industries

PVD Decorative Coating Industry

We at PhotonExport also supply materials for decorative coatings to industries such as faucets, cutlery manufacturing, PVD decorative coating, and the luxury watch industry. Additionally, we provide plastic metallization for the automotive industry.

With our commitment to excellence, we ensure that all material needs for pioneering scientific discoveries are met, making us a trusted partner.