Spherical lenses

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Spherical optical lenses are available for a variety of uses, up to and including high-precision imaging. Lenses can be custom produced to your needs. The following specifications are available.

Choose PhotonExport to supply top-quality custom spherical optical lenses for your project needs.

  • Lens diameter of 3.5 mm up to 250 mm
  • Single or multiple element lenses (e.g. doublets)
  • High precision imaging or commercial grade
  • 10-5 scratch-dig maximum surface quality
  • High durability, tight tolerances and a range of coatings available

Spherical lens manufacturing Specifications

CommercialPrecisionHigh Precision
Diameter Tolerance0/-0.020/-0.0150/-0.001
Thickness Tolerance±0.03±0.01/
Surface SagRa:0.001μmRa:0.001μmRa:0.0002μm
Power (P - V)N=±5N=±2N=±1
Irregularity (P - V)ΔN=1ΔN=0.5ΔN=0.3
Centering (Beam Deviation)≤60″≤30″≤10″
Bevel Tolerance±0.1±0.05±0.02
Surface Quality60-402020-10-20 00:00:002020-05-10 00:00:00

Lens Coatings Capabilities

SubstratesAll Glass Types
Spectral Ranges300~3000nm
Spectral Edge Tolerance<1% Deviation, <0.2% Special Cases
Bandwidth1nm - Broadband
AR-Coating Reflectivity<0.3% (absolute); <0.2% (Average)
Laser Damage ThresholdUp to 20 J/[email protected] 20ns Pulses
DurabilityMIL-STD-810F, Section 507.4; MIL-C-48497A, Section 3.4.1