Ophthalmic & Precision Optics Industry

Ophthalmic & Precision Optics Industry

At PhotonExport, we specialize in providing top-tier evaporation materials and vacuum coating solutions tailored for the Ophthalmic & Precision Optics Industry. Our expertise in thin-film technology, enables us to cater to a wide range of needs, from small independent laboratories requiring personalized technical assistance to large-scale lens manufacturing facilities focused on precision optics and ophthalmic lenses. Our commitment lies in ensuring the supply of the highest quality materials, coupled with meticulous attention to the supply chain, to support the global ophthalmic industry.

Advanced electron beam technology

The advent of advanced electron beam technology has revolutionized the production of anti-reflective coated lenses, facilitating the mass production of these lenses through innovative vacuum coating systems. Anti-reflective coating, also known as AR coating or anti-glare coating, is applied to lens surfaces using vacuum equipment.

This process involves the layering of materials with alternating conductive oxides of varying optical refractive indices. The purpose of AR coating is to minimize lens reflections, guided by the principles of Snell, Bragg, and the theories of reflection and interference (Michelson). The result is enhanced vision, reduced eye strain, and improved aesthetics for eyeglasses and eyewear.

Our Commitment

PhotonExport is dedicated to advancing the Ophthalmic & Precision Optics Industry by offering unparalleled materials and coating solutions. Our focus on quality, innovation, and customer support ensures that our clients, regardless of their size or specific needs, have access to the best resources to achieve their objectives in lens production and optical excellence.

Our materials are designed to support the processing of typical lens materials such as mineral glass, allyl glycol carbonate (CR 39), polycarbonate (PC), and other plastics with diverse refractive indexes. The latest advancements in AR coatings, enabled by the multi-layered application of new material compositions, significantly diminish reflectivity, transforming conventional optical lenses into superior everyday eyewear.

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