High-Quality ITO Optical Coating Material

Indium tin oxide, In2O5Sn, is a solid solution of indium (III) oxide, In2O3, and tin (IV) oxide, SnO2 ; available in tablets. It is a transparent semiconductor material.

Indium Tin Oxide Specifications

SinterTablet9×5 mm
Upon demand
Green yellow99.99%1 Kg/BagAvoid exposure to sunlight & acid
Keep dry

Characteristics of indium tin oxide

CAS NumberDensity (g/cm3)Boiling point (Cº)Melting point (Cº)Refractive index at 550 (nm)Transparency range (µm)Evaporation source
ApplicationsConductive coating

Evaporation technique

ITO fully sublimes. The films are deposited by reactive and non-reactive electron beam evaporation using Cu-crucibles with Mo-liners or thermal evaporation using Mo-boats cover. But these evaporation techniques are difficult because indium oxide and tin oxide will evaporate per their individual vapor pressures, so sputtering is preferred for depositing thin films of ITO.

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