Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) 

Zinc sulfide, or ZnS, is an exceptional semiconductor material that usually comes in solid form, ranging in color from white to light yellow. It’s highly valued for its purity and versatility, playing a crucial role in technology across different industries.

This material is essential in applications such as Holographic anti-counterfeiting, and specialized coatings, thanks to its unique characteristics.

Specifications of ZnS

Our product offerings include sinter tablets, cuboid pieces, granules, and cutting pieces, with purity levels of 99.9% to 99.99%.

SinterTablet10×6 mm
20×15 mm
30×17 mm
White to light yellow99.9%
1 Kg/BagAvoid exposure to sunlight & acid
Keep dry
Cuboid piece80x45x30 mm
Granule1-40 mm
CrystalGranule11-40 mm
Upon demand
Light yellow, semitransparent99.99%
Cutting piece10x10x10 mm
25x25x12 mm

Characteristics of zinc sulfide

CAS NumberDensity (g/cm3)Boiling point (Cº)Melting point (Cº)Refractive index at 550 (nm)Transparency range (µm)Evaporation source
Applications1. ZnS Sinter: Holographic anti-counterfeiting film, Coating
2. ZnS Crystal: Cold light coating; Filter; HR coating; Decoration coating

Evaporation technique of Zinc Sulfide

Zinc sulfide can be evaporated by electron beam from a molybdenum or tantalum crucible liner. It is usually deposited in a dedicated vacuum chamber because zinc and sulphur have high vapor pressures at low temperatures.

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