PVD Decorative Coating

Revolutionizing Decorative Coatings with PVD Technology

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), a cutting-edge, eco-friendly vacuum metalizing technique. This method offers unparalleled benefits in terms of colors, textures, precision, and functionality over traditional decorative coating methods such as brushing, dipping, spraying, and electrophoresis.

PVD Coating Applications

Enhancing Aesthetics and Durability in Everyday Items

PVD coating excels in applications where both aesthetic appeal and material durability are paramount. It is especially effective on bathroom finishes, kitchen cutlery, and plastic automotive parts, enhancing the lifespan of the equipment while ensuring a lasting aesthetic appearance.

PVD decorative coatings combine elegant design with exceptional durability, making them an ideal choice for those who prioritize both style and substance.

Luxurious Finishes for Faucets and Cutlery

Decorative coatings achieved through PVD can be polished to offer a range of brilliant colors. Brass faucets and handles, for instance, can be coated with luxurious metal-look finishes using traditional metals sputtering targets such as Chromium, Zirconium, and Titanium. This technology also extends to kitchen cutlery, ensuring lifetime durability and long-lasting sharpness.

Specialized Applications of PVD Coating

Precision in the Luxury Watch and Astronomy Sectors

In the luxury watch industry, PVD enables precise coating with precious metals like gold and platinum, optimizing the product’s aesthetic and value.

Astronomy observatories benefit from our tungsten filaments, for coating large telescope mirrors.

PhotonExport’s Contribution to PVD Decorative Coatings

Innovative Materials for Automotive and Electronics

PhotonExport provides materials for decorative coatings on plastic automobile accessories and the functionalization of sensors in automotive cockpit electronics.

Our advanced finishing material technology applies multiple microscopic metal layers, resulting in durable and shiny finishes.

Through our recycling initiatives and commitment to sustainability and the circular economy, we recycle used tungsten filaments, which not only facilitates the aluminum coating of car lights and mirrors, demonstrating our dedication to quality, but also underscores our pledge to environmental sustainability.

PVD Decorative coatings with PhotonExport

How we can help advance your Decorative Coatings?

Explore the vast possibilities with PhotonExport’s PVD technology for decorative coatings. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation ensures that our customers achieve magnificent colored finishes, setting new standards in the industry. Join us in embracing the future of decorative coatings, where elegance meets enduring quality.

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