PVD Decorative Coating

PVD Decorative Coating

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is an eco-friendly vacuum method metalizing coating which has benefits related to colors, texture, precision and functionalities over traditional decorative coating methods as brush, dipping, spay, electrophoretic.

PVD coating works notoriously well on bathroom finishes, kitchen cutlery, and plastic automotive parts.

This technology can not only extend the usage period of the equipment, but also guarantee a lasting aesthetic appearance.

Plastics or metallic parts covered with PVD decorative coating are an excellent proposition for those who value the combination of elegant design with exceptional material durability.

Thanks to our quality certified materials, our customers are able to achieve a variety of magnificent colored finishes.

When it comes to faucets and cutlery, some decorative coats can be polished with multiple brilliant color options.

Brass faucets and handles can be coated with a luxurious metal-looking finish cover can be performed using traditional metals sputtering targets as Chromium, Zirconium and Titanium.

Similar looks can be produced on kitchen cutlery, while also ensuring life-time durability and long lasting sharpness.

In the luxury watch industry, PVD allows precise coating with optimization when using precious metal like gold and platinum.

At PhotonExport we also carry materials for decorative coatings for plastic accessories on automobiles or functionalization of sensors in plastics for automotive cockpit electronics.

Our finishing material technology applies multiple microscopic metal layers to provide a durable and shiny finish.

Our recyclable tungsten filaments allow Aluminum coating over car lights and mirrors.

Astronomy observatories coat large telescope mirrors with our tungsten filaments that we can recycle in support to our values of sustainability and circular economy.

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