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Coatings and the importance of Antibacterial surfaces 


Coatings and the importance of Antibacterial surfaces and wiping door knob with antibacterial for killing coronavirus


      Antibacterial surfaces contain antimicrobial agents who destroy bacteria or their ability to reproduce. Same antibacterial properties will help destroy virus. Despite considerable efforts the problem related to infection persits. Today widespread need of antivirus protection and general surfaces disinfection is in all agendas as we have seen media giving wides ranges figures about life time COVID19 can last on different surfaces. London Imperial College researchers published a work showing viral DNA stayed over a bed rail in a hospital room for ten to 18 hours in surfaces, including door handles chairs etc. Paying attention to the level of hygiene is a widespread task in several industries. In this context the antibacterial coatings will provide a long lasting antibacterials protection, and can also improve the cleanliness of any devices or surfaces. Available techniques and materials for surface coatings can get very different efficiency results on antibacterial properties . Thereby, after seeing how some metals can be used as coatings, we will pay attention to the way these coatings are investigated in Medical devices and  food industry, to finally see how thin films which are used to achieve enhanced decorative colors for door handles, cutlery or plastics and metals in the faucet industry. 


Nanotechnology congress

2020 2021 Exhibitions & Congress confirmed dates

Most important Exhibitions & Congress in Advanced materials, Microelectronics, Nanotechnology, Ophthalmology lenses,Optics & Photonics, Solar, Technical glass, Thins Films for 2020 2021

Material scientist attending on-line conference

How scientific and industry exhibitions adapt to COVID-19 ? 

Nanotechnology, Evaporation Materials, Thin films and others Exhibitions: How do the technology industry fairs adapt to COVID-19 ?  As the tally of events cancellations develop because due to the COVID-19 crisis, organizations are being tested to respond rapidly to guarantee business continuity. Photon Export specialist  in coating services, Optics and Thin films planned to attend like…

researcher attending eyeglass fair with AR glasses

Eye glasses Fairs & Exhibitions dates

COVID 2019 affected too many lives. Quarantine, an old time pandemic remedy is proven today that it is the most effective temporary solution to prevent virus spread until the discovery of a proven vaccination. One of the colossal impacts was the cancellation of several exhibitions. PhotonExport attends eyeglass exhibition in mainland Europe and South America…

Sputtering Targets

Promotion 2018 New Year

SPUTTERING TARGETS PROMOTION 2018 New Year  GET 50% OFF ON THE SECOND TARGET (*) Precious Metals, Oxides, Alloys Brittle Ceramics by Hot Isostatic Pressing (*) for Suttering Targets up to 1500 eur/pc. Same target specification. Valid until 28 Feb 2018   Fill your quotation request

metal market overview

Non-ferrous metal market overview for 2019 and forecast for 2020: The impact on your sputtering target purchases

Nickel, Aluminium, Zinc, Cobalt, Lithium, Copper, Tungsten, Chromium, Titanium for sputtering Targets Non-ferrous metal market overview for 2019 and forecast for 2020: The impact on your sputtering target purchases Nickel: In 2020, Indonesia will probably overtake China as the world´s largest producer of nickel pig iron (NPI), a raw material for stainless steel production. Effective…

Ibertriba 2019 Sevilla PhotonExport


IBERTRIVA 2019 ASEVA CONFERENCES   Proud to announce we are the sponsor of IBERTRIVA 2019 Conference, that is taking place every two years, this year we will be presenting the lasts trends in materials for tribology applications.The main topics in this edition are about Tribology & Applied surface science and vacuum applications. June 26-28 Seville,…


World Day of Materials Nov 8th

On the occasion of the World Materials Day, one of our partners, SOCIEMAT, will be organizing with the support of the Institute of Ceramics and Glass – CSIC, a conference, in which two talks will be presented by renowned experts and a series of activities related to the awards granted by our partner, Sociemat.  …


Bench Coater for electronic microscopy sample preparation

PhotonExport has signed with the american company, Denton Vacuum, in Munich, a distribution contract for Spain and Portugal  for its PVD and sputtering equipment for electronic microscopy sample preparation. We are proud to he partner of an historical player of Physical Vapor Deposition Systems with more than 50 years expertise in PVD and coatings. The…



  Yesterday the terrorist attack in Barcelona, at 200 m from our main office and 30 kms from our warehouse, caused several casualties. We express our condolences to the victims. We will carry on with our normal working and personal life without giving in to terror and fear.


Photonics & Lasers events 2017

Here you can see the events of Photonics and Lasers that will be celebrated during 2017. This informationis out of date and has being removed