Substrates Sputtering Targets

Scientific Research

We value enabling cutting-edge research and development innovation for those who aim to get a brighter future through scientific discovery. We serve with best materials all scientists from bio-sciences to all physics branches including applied microelectronics, optics, photonics and all surface technologies from mechanics and tribology to nanotechnology.

PhotonExport, we offer consumables and equipment for thin-film deposition and PVD evaporation. From basic Titanium, Aluminum, Chromium, Tungsten or Copper sputtering target to any complex metallic or ceramic custom made alloy sputtering targets bonded to a Copper, Molybdenum or nay backing plate. We can provide almost all materials from the periodic elements table : we offer metals, alloys, fluorides, nitrides, and oxides in nearly their purest forms.

For optic research, we offer a wide range of substrates including all technical glasses ranging from traditional soda lime glass to any borosilicate glass includes fused silica, quartz or ceramics glass. We have several crystal and polished mono-crystal in stock in including Silicon Wafers and coated glass and Si wafers.

In our online shop you can find a large range of electrical conductivity and high transparency conductive oxides (TCO) coated glass as ITO (Indium Tin Oxide), FTO (Fluorine doped ITO coated glass) and ZNO (Zinc Oxide) and AZO (Aluminum doped Zinc Oxide).

We can affordably deliver the best optical custom made coating for your specific substrate, and precisely adjust the wavelength region to match your requirements.