Special Optical Coating

PhotonExport offers Special Optical Coating materials.

The best quality optical coating on the market that repels water from the surface. Its applications can be found in displays of any type, mobiles, cameras and eye glasses lenses.

Thanks to nanotechnology the contact angle between the substrate and the liquid reaches more than 150º which maximizes the effect of the superficial tension. 

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What is optical coating?

Optical coating are thin films that are superimposed on an optical component, such as lenses or professional cameras with specialized lenses that alter the way light is reflected and transmitted. It is often known as an anti-reflective coating.

The performance of these depend on the number of layers, their thickness and the difference in reaction they have between each of them and how they are matched.

Thin films are generally created by depositing dielectric and metallic materials.

What is an optical coating used for?

Optical Coating is used to provide resistance to transparency optical absorbent, chemical and UV rays, having anti-reflective, anti-static safety properties. They are widely applied to lenses and visors, digital signage, TFT and LED touch screens, in the automotive industry, the switches, light guides, external headlamps and moldings.