Beam Splitters

Beam splitters are essential components used in various applications, including lasers, illuminations, and research-grade endeavors. At PhotonExport, we offer a comprehensive range of beam splitters tailored to meet specific requirements, encompassing diverse coatings and substrates.

Our custom beam splitters excel in dividing input light based on various parameters, such as wavelength, polarization state, or percentage of overall intensity. This flexibility allows for precise control and manipulation of light in different setups and experimental setups.

Beam Splitter Specification

When it comes to beam splitter specifications, we offer options to cater to different needs. Whether you require a commercial-grade beam splitter, precision-grade performance, or the utmost precision attainable, PhotonExport can help you based on you specifications. See the table below for more beam splitter specifications.

CommercialPrecisionHigh Precision
Dimensions10 -200mm10 - 200mm10-250mm
Dimensional Tolerance±0.25mm±0.1mm±0.05mm
Irregularity (P-V)ΔN=2ΔN=1ΔN=0.5
Angle Tolerance±3 arcmin±30 arcsec±1 arcsec
Surface Quality60-4040-2010-5

Beam Splitter Coating Capabilities

When it comes to coating capabilities, our beam splitters are compatible with a wide range of glass substrates, ensuring versatility and compatibility with diverse setups. The spectral range of our beam splitters spans from 300nm to 3000nm, catering to various applications.

SubstratesAll Glass Types
Spectral Ranges300~3000nm
Spectral Edge Tolerance<1% Deviation, <0.2% Special Cases
Bandwidth1nm - Broadband
AR-Coating Transmission>99%
Reflection1% - 99%
Laser Damage ThresholdUp to 20 J/cm2@ 20ns Pulses
DurabilityMIL-STD-810F, Section 507.4; MIL-C-48497A, Section 3.4.1

At PhotonExport, we strive to provide the most comprehensive and versatile beam splitters to meet the ever-evolving demands of laser, illumination, and research-grade applications. Our commitment to precision, durability, and customization ensures that our beam splitters deliver exceptional performance and reliability in a wide range of scenarios.

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