SEM & TEM Sample preparation


SEM Sample

PhotonExport offers a comprehensive line of high quality consumables for the scanning electron microscopy laboratory (SEM) and transmission electron microscope laboratory (TEM), including:

  • Tungsten Filaments
  • Quartz thin film monitor
  • Evaporation
    • Carbon/Graphite Rods
    • Au, Pd, Pt pellets
  • Sputtering Targets
    • Au , Au/Pd, Pd, Pt
  • Recycling Sputtering Targets


Equipment for SEM & TEM Sample Preparation: Bench Coater


Denton Vacuum Bench Coater
Denton Vacuum Bench Coater


Dentum Vacuum

Dentum Desk V: the gold standard for SEM and TEM sample preparation.

Desk V deposition system

  • Standar magnetron sputtering and etch cleaning
  • Suitable for oxidizing and non-oxidizing metals
  • Carbon rod and carbon yarn evaporator options
  • Various rotating / tilting stage options
  • Broad choice of accessories and pumpint options, including turbo molecular-pumped system