Photon Export provides with excellent quality sputtering targets produced using the most recent development in Hot Isotatic Pressing and Vacuum Hot Pressing. The sputtering targets are mainly produced from various raw materials such as pure metals, precious metals, complex alloys and ceramics. We assure the best prices and outstanding delivery services for your recurrent product supplies. We can also provide with customer specified sputtering targets.

We specialize in optical electron beam coating and we are capable to supply the full range of raw materials or sintered tablets for lenses and precision optic coatings.

Quality evaporation materials are supplied by Photon Exports which are significant for its low impurities and minimal surface contamination. The ranges of our high purity materials start from 99.9% to 99.999% and in certain cases our materials has 6N purity.

We can also provide with custom evaporation sources and accessories according to the customer’s specifications. In order to cut the substrates according to the customer specifications, we employ superior quality soda lime glasses, borosilicate, and ceramic glasses ensured through our distribution agreement with global providers of technical glasses.

Photon Export is cable to supply quality products right from lab bench borosilicate glass substrates through colored optical fibers to industrial furnace glass window observations. With our strong connections and partnerships with various silicon foundries and sapphire producers we can provide deliveries of any substrates without delay.

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