Wafer processing equipement

PhotonExport a specialist in thin films, semiconductor, and nanotechnology supplies, offers wafer processing equipments in Spain.

wafer processing equipement

Photonexport provides fully automatic single wafer processing equipment AMC series, for coating, developing, cleaning, heating/cooling, as well as lift-off and etching of wafers and other substrates.

The AMC series offers fully automatic single wafer processing equipment that can be customized to meet specific throughput and processing requirements. With its platform-based design, versatile capabilities, and sophisticated features, the AMC series provides unmatched flexibility and precision in wafer processing applications.

wafer equipement 1

The AMC machine series offers a diverse range of fully automatic models that perfectly align with customer needs in terms of processing options, combination possibilities, and throughput capacity.

The AMC equipment serves as a versatile bridge tool, capable of processing various substrates simultaneously without the need for technical adjustments or retrofits when changing between substrate sizes.

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