Zinc Sulfide

Zinc Sulfide 

ZnS : Zinc sulfide is a solid, white in appearance, used as a semiconductor.


SinterTablet10x6 mm
20x15 mm
30x17 mm
White to light yellow99.9%
1 Kg/BagAvoid exposure to sunlight & acid
Keep dry
Cuboid piece80x45x30 mm
Granule1-40 mm
CrystalGranule11-40 mm
Upon demand
Light yellow, semitransparent99.99%
Cutting piece10x10x10 mm
25x25x12 mm

Characteristics of zinc sulfide

CAS NumberDensity (g/cm3)Boiling point (Cº)Melting point (Cº)Refractive index at 550 (nm)Transparency range (µm)Evaporation source
Applications1. ZnS Sinter: Holographic anti-counterfeiting film, Coating
2. ZnS Crystal: Cold light coating; Filter; HR coating; Decoration coating

Evaporation technique

Zinc sulfide can be evaporated by electron beam from a molybdenum or tantalum crucible liner. It is usually deposited in a dedicated vacuum chamber because zinc and sulphur have high vapor pressures at low temperatures.