Teknik Kaynaklar


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  • E-Beam Evaporation = PVD using electron beam to generate vapor
  • Thermal Evaporation = PVD using electric heater
  • PDC = Pulsed DC (Direct Current) sputtering
  • RF = RF(Radio Frequency) sputtering
  • RF-R = reactive RF (Radio Frequency) sputter
  • DC = DC (Direct Current)  sputtering
  • DC-R = reactive DC (Direct Current) sputtering
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Material Chart Deposition Techniques  


Symbols legend Thermal evaporation accessories materials
† : Magnetic material (requires special sputter source) C = carbon
‡:  One run only Gr = graphite
* : Influenced by composition Q = quartz
** :The z-ratio is unknown. Therefore, we recommend using 1.00 or an experimentally VitC = vitreous carbon
determined value. Please click here for instructions on how to determine this value.
***:  All metals alumina coated
S = sublimes D = decomposes
PDC = Pulsed DC sputtering       RF = RF sputtering is effective    RF-R = reactive RF sputter is effective   DC = DC sputtering is effective    DC-R = reactive DC sputtering is effective