Combined ALD/PVD Equipment

PhotonExport, in partnership with Swiss Cluster, proudly introduces a revolutionary range of ALD/PVD equipment in Spain and Portugal.

This single chamber equipment is designed to meet the diverse needs of fabs and R&D centers across the Iberian Peninsula. This collaboration introduces Swiss Cluster’s renowned ALD/PVD equipment, including the Swiss Cluster SC-1, SC Qube, and SC-Ultima models.

Explore our exclusive selection of Swiss Cluster equipment and discover how we can transform your research and production capabilities.

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  • Expert Support: Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring you select the right technology for your needs, offering comprehensive support from initial inquiry to post-installation.
  • Customized Solutions: We understand that every project is unique. That’s why we offer customized configurations to meet your specific research and production requirements.
  • Commitment to Innovation: PhotonExport and our partner Swiss Cluster share a commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in research and manufacturing processes.

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ALD/PVD Equipment: SC-1 Series by Swiss Cluster

ALD/PVD Equipment: SC-1 Series by Swiss Cluster. Image Courtesy of Swiss Cluster.

ALD/PVD Tool SC-1 Series by Swiss Cluster
ALD/PVD Tool SC-1 Series by Swiss Cluster. Image Courtesy of Swiss Cluster.

Swiss Cluster SC-1 Series

Innovative Integration for High-Throughput Production

The SC-1 series represents a groundbreaking patent-pending cluster system that uniquely combines (PE)-ALD and PVD technologies in a single compact setup without breaking vacuum.

  • Features: Configure your setup according to specific requirements, offering flexibility and efficiency.
  • Benefits: Streamline the production of multi-nanolayered coatings with high throughput, saving time and resources while ensuring uniform quality.
  • Applications: Ideal for industries requiring advanced coatings on 3D parts, including electronics, renewable energy, and biomedical devices.
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Swiss Cluster SC Qube Series

Versatile ALD Batch System for R&D and Small-Scale Production

The SC Qube is a compact, efficient ALD batch system designed for R&D and small-scale production, capable of coating 2D substrates and various types and sizes of 3D parts. Its single chamber approach makes it easy to configure the chamber for a specific applications or multipurpose use.

  • Features: Offers chamber sizes from 3L to 50L, providing adaptability for different project scales.
  • Benefits: Supports precision research and development with its versatile design, enabling small batch production with consistent quality.
  • Applications: Ideal for academic research institutions, startups, and companies in nanotechnology, electronics, and more.
  • SC-Ultima Series Model (with glovebox integration).
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Swiss Cluster SC Qube Series
Swiss Cluster SC Qube Series
SC-Ultima Series Model.
Image Courtesy of Swiss Cluster.
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