Zinc Selenide

Zinc Selenide

ZnSe: zinc selenide is yellow to red in appearance and commonly used as an infrared optical material.


Wafer Bank
Dia. 12-50 mmOrange
99.99%Packed with soft paper
1 Kg/Bag
Avoid exposure to sunlight & acid
Keep dry
Dia. & Thickness
Upon demand
CrystalGranule1-40 mm
Powder≥ 200 mesh

Characteristics of zinc selenide

CAS NumberDensity (g/cm3)Boiling point (Cº)Melting point (Cº)Refractive index at 550 (nm)Transparency range (µm)Evaporation source
1315-09-95.27/15202.580.5-22E; B(Ta, Mo)
ApplicationsPVD Wafer Bank: Infrared & laser lens
Crystal: Infrared film coating
Evaporation technique

It can be thermally evaporated from a tantalum or molybdenum boat.

It can also be evaporated by electron beam with a tantalum or molybdenum crucible liner.

It is evaporated in a dedicated vacuum chamber due to its high vapor pressures at low temperature.