GDMS ICP OES X Ray Analysis and Bonding Services

PhotonExport provides bonding and coating services for applications for the Semiconductor Industry, Solar Panels and the Photovoltaic Industry, Flat Panel Industry, Glass Coating Industries and Sputtering Targets.

PhotonExport is certain in providing quality service adapted to meet customers’ needs and specifications. We are highly specialized in the service that we offer due to our skilled team and our technological equipments.

Make sure to go through our list of service in order to fully understand what we can fully deliver and feel free to contact us for further clarifications.

Bonding Services

At PhotonExport, we provide metallic bonding and elastomer bonding services. We are capable of delivering flawless and impeccable bonding in order to avoid cracking or warping of the sputtering target.

Coating Service

As mentioned before, due to our network of partners in Western Europe and U.S we are able to provide anti reflective, metal and dielectric coatings through our clients and partners. We make sure of quality and integrity among our clients that undertake these services.

However, if you scroll below, you will find that PhotonExport provides different types of substrates and with low expansion glasses.

Target recycling 

As always, PhotonExport is resolute in maintaining the standards and quality in all of our recycling processes.

Analytical Services & Quality

We further provide material analysis service including a Certificate of Analysis (COA) as required.

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