Bonding, Coating and Sputtering Target Services

PhotonExport provides bonding and coating services applications for the Semiconductor, Solar Panels and the Photovoltaic Industry, Flat Panel Industry, Glass Coating Industries.

We also provide a recycling services for Sputtering Targets. As well as analytical and quality services, see below for more details.

Additionally our offerings are tailored to meet your unique needs and specifications. We take pride in delivering quality service through our highly skilled team and advanced technological equipment.

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Bonding Services

Our bonding offerings include metallic bonding and elastomer bonding, delivering flawless and impeccable bonding to prevent cracking or warping of sputtering targets. Learn more about bonding services.

Coating Services

Our coating offerings are made possible through our network of partners in Western Europe and the U.S., include anti-reflective, metal, and dielectric coatings, and substrates with a focus on quality and integrity for our clients. Learn more about coating services.

Sputter Target Recycling

We also prioritize maintaining high standards and quality in all of our recycling processes. Contact us for more details on our Au, Pt, Pd, Au/Pd sputtering target recycling special offer. Learn more about our sputtering target recycling services.

Analytical and Quality Services

Our analytical offerings, which can include material analysis and a Certificate of Analysis (COA), are available as needed. Learn more about analytical quality services.

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PhotonExport services are tailored to meet your unique needs and specifications.

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