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Empowering Scientific Research with PhotonExport

At PhotonExport, we are dedicated to advancing scientific research and fostering innovation across diverse scientific fields. Our mission is to empower researchers who are working towards a brighter future through groundbreaking scientific discoveries. We offer an extensive range of high-quality materials and equipment designed to meet the needs of scientists across various disciplines, from the biosciences to all branches of physics, including applied microelectronics, optics, photonics, and surface technologies ranging from mechanics and tribology to nanotechnology.

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Explore our comprehensive range of sputtering targets and substrates, and discover how PhotonExport can support your scientific research endeavors. Our goal is to provide the materials and tools you need to push the boundaries of knowledge and achieve significant advancements in your field. Join us in our quest to enable cutting-edge research and development for a brighter future.

PhotonExport is committed to delivering cost-effective and custom-made optical coatings tailored to your specific substrate requirements, with precise adjustments to the wavelength region to meet your project’s needs.

PhotonExport is dedicated to enabling Scientific Research

Advanced Solutions for Diverse Scientific Fields

Our product portfolio includes consumables and equipment essential for thin-film deposition and physical vapor deposition (PVD) evaporation processes.

From standard sputtering targets made of Titanium, Aluminum, Chromium, Tungsten, or Copper to complex custom-made metallic or ceramic alloy sputtering targets bonded to Copper, Molybdenum, or other backing plates, we provide solutions tailored to your research needs.

Our offerings encompass nearly all materials from the periodic table, including metals, alloys, fluorides, nitrides, and oxides in their purest forms.

Comprehensive Range of High-Purity Materials

PhotonExport provides a vast selection of materials, including metals, alloys, fluorides, nitrides, and oxides, nearly in their purest forms. Our offerings cover almost the entire periodic table, ensuring that researchers have access to the materials they need for their scientific explorations.

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Extensive Substrate Options for Optical Studies

For those engaged in optical research, our substrate selection is unmatched. It includes technical glasses ranging from traditional soda lime to borosilicate glasses, as well as specialized substrates like fused silica, quartz, and ceramic glass. We also provide a variety of crystal and polished mono-crystal substrates, including Silicon Wafers and coated glass Si wafers, catering to the specific needs of optical studies.

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Conductive Oxides for Enhanced Optical Clarity

Our online shop features a broad assortment of electrical conductivity and high transparency conductive oxides (TCO) coated glass, such as ITO (Indium Tin Oxide), FTO (Fluorine-doped Tin Oxide). These products are essential for projects that demand the utmost in optical clarity and electrical conductivity.

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