ophthalmic and precision optic

The latest progress in electron beam technology has allowed the ophthalmic industry to mass produce anti-reflective coated lenses by using new vacuum coating systems

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scientic research

 Substrates Sputtering Targets Scientific Research We value enabling cutting-edge research and development innovation for those who aim to get a brighter future through scientific discovery.

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pvd metal hard coating

PVD hard coating equips the surface of mechanical parts and tools with durability and resistance to scratching. PVD metal hard coating Protective wear …

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pvd decorative coating

PVD Decorative Coating Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is an eco-friendly vacuum method metalizing coating which has benefits related to colors, texture …

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Photon Export – sputtering targets , thin films, plasma equipment, Is a place where people can brainstorm with top professional minds and reinvent their roles as they develop their skills, while always acting responsibly according to values of wellness, sustainability and responsible economy.

PhotonExport is committed to research scientists and sustainable entrepreneurs who truly believe that responsible innovation is one of the ways of minimizing environmental impact and ensuring wellness growth.

We want to act responsibly, live within our means and leave behind not only a habitable planet, but also an Earth whose beauty and biodiversity is protected for those who come after us.

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