Atomic Layer Deposition Equipment

Empowering Precision Thin Film Coating with Atomic Layer Deposition Equipment

PhotonExport, the official and authorized representative in Europe, provides the best Atomic Layer Deposition equipment (ALD). ALD is an advanced technique for thin film growth, offering unparalleled control over film thickness in nanometers. This process ensures exceptional film uniformity and conformality, making it the go-to choice for precise thin film coating across various scales.

Atomic Layer Deposition Equipment

Main Features of Atomic Layer Deposition Equipment

Atomic Layer Deposition Equipment: Discover Precise Thin Film Coating Solutions

Explore the exceptional capabilities of Atomic Layer Deposition equipment, a highly advanced thin film coating process renowned for its unparalleled precision in controlling film thickness, measured in nanometers. Atomic Layer Deposition machines provide a cutting-edge solution for diverse applications through its consecutive and uniform film deposition technique.

Key Advantages of Atomic Layer Deposition Equipment:

  • Precise Control: Achieve highly accurate and consistent coatings with ALD, thanks to its exceptional control over film thickness.
  • Uniformity and Conformality: Experience films with outstanding uniformity and conformality, delivering reliable and even coverage across any scale.
  • High-Quality Films: ALD produces dense, pinhole-free, and defect-free films, ensuring superior performance and unmatched reliability.
  • Gentle Processing Conditions: ALD operates under gentle conditions, typically at 1-10 hPa and 200-400ºC, making it ideal for delicate and sensitive substrates. Avoid damage during deposition with these carefully chosen parameters.

Versatile Process Solutions for R&D and More:

PhotonExport offers a range of ALD solutions tailor-made for Research and Development (R&D) and production applications, accommodating wafer sizes up to 200mm. These systems perform seamlessly within a processing temperature range of 50-500 ºC, supporting a variety of typical processes, including Al2SO3, TiO2, SiO2, and more.

3D Item Capabilities: Beyond serving the semiconductor industry, our Atomic Layer Deposition Equipment equipment (ALD) excels in handling both small and large 3D items. These machines boast similar specifications, enabling efficient and high-quality thin film deposition for diverse applications.

Unparalleled Precision and Film Quality:

With ALD equipment, you can unlock unparalleled precision, achieve top-notch film quality, and embrace unparalleled versatility for all your thin film coating requirements. Whether it’s for cutting-edge R&D or industrial-scale production, ALD systems guarantee exceptional results, meeting the most demanding requirements with ease.

What is atomic layer deposition?

Atomic layer deposition is an advanced thin film deposition technique used to create precise and uniform thin films on various surfaces, which consists of thin film growth by consecutive atomic layers. The ALD cycle involves a sequence of steps where gaseous precursors are introduced to the substrate’s surface in a controlled manner, resulting in the growth of a single atomic layer with each cycle. Learn more about it in out Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD): Basics blog post.

In which industries is ALD widely utilized?

ALD is widely utilized in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, nanotechnology, and research applications.

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