Optical Coating Materials

PhotonExport is an official and recognized European seller for the sale of Optical Coating.
With ISO 9001:2015 Certification, it has different materials to manufacture evaporation products.

Best optical coatings

As a result of the Photonics research and development of special coating materials, PhotonExport always uses its expertise to procure the best materials and increase the cost-effectiveness in manufacturing evaporation materials.

This is achieved either by choosing the raw materials from global material suppliers or by grinding and sintering the optimum tablets according to the customer’s coating requirements.

Optical Coating Materials


titanium oxides Zirconium oxides 01 Aluminium oxides 01 01 indium tin oxides 01Silicom oxides 01 01tamtalum oxides 01 Niobium Oxide


lanthanum titanate 01


magensium floride 01


zinc sulfide 01


Chronium 01

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