Superhydrophobic Coating

Superhydrophobic coatings

The PHEX-OEX-012 vacuum deposition superhydrophobic coating is water and oil repelent, has a high scratch resistance and has anti-fingerprint characteristics.

Specifications on Superhydrophobic coating

  • Low surface energy
  • Super water/oil repellent
  • High scratch resistance
  • Easy-to-clean Performace
  • Super slipperiness
  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Anti-Smudge
  • Anti-Corrosion


Bare surface on lens, eye glasses, on top of various multi-layer coatings

Recommended coating process

Resistance heat.


Can type/One aluminum pack

Diammeter 16 mm for thermal evaporation

Contact angle of water (Initial)< 115 Deg
Coefficient of friction< 15
Surface energy< 0.0040
Adhesion0 (5B) %
Abrasion of rubber> 100 Cycles
Abrasion of rubber & Ethyl alcohol (99.9%)> 100 Cycles
Abrasion steelwool> 100 Cycles
Salt spray> 100 Cycles
High temperature and humidity> 100 Cycles