PhotonExport’s Front-End Semiconductor Workshop Series: Mastering Key Processes and Techniques

Unlock the Future of Front-End Semiconductor Fabrication with PhotonExport’s Expert Training Services

PhotonExport proudly presents:
PhotonExport’s Front-End Semiconductor Workshop Series: Mastering Key Processes and Techniques

Join us for immersive learning experiences with our Semiconductor Workshop Series, meticulously designed to empower students, engineers, scientists and your teams with the latest advancements in frontend semiconductor processes.

Our tailored training workshops are aimed at equipping your teams with cutting-edge knowledge in crucial frontend semiconductor processes, including wet and dry etching.

From wafer processing, oxidation, lithography, etching, thermal processing, deposition and gas abatement handling techniques, and beyond, our expertise covers the full spectrum of frontend semiconductor fabrication.

PhotonExport’s Front-End Semiconductor Workshop Series

Upcoming Etching Workshop Series:

In collaboration with industry-leading experts, we present an interactive workshop series focused on etching solutions led by Dr. David Lishan, Ph.D., a distinguished authority with over 24 years of experience in plasma processing and frontend semiconductor fabrication.

This series provides a unique opportunity to delve into the forefront of plasma etching and deposition techniques across frontend semiconductor fabrication, MEMS, and nanofabrication.

PhotonExport Workshop Series

Sample Etching Workshop Highlights:

Explore critical topics such as plasma reactors, etching mechanisms, state-of-the-art etching and deposition technologies, compound semiconductor etching, dielectric etching, deep reactive ion etching of silicon, endpoint detection, thermal budget management, PECVD, and high-density plasma CVD. Gain invaluable insights into these pivotal aspects of frontend semiconductor fabrication.

Sample Etching Workshops can include:

Full-Day Workshop (8 hours):

  • Plasma, Reactors, and Etching Mechanisms
  • Dielectric Etching
  • Compound Semiconductor Etching
  • Deep Reactive Ion Etching of Silicon
  • Endpoint Basics and Thermal Budget Management
  • PECVD and High-Density Plasma CVD

Sample One-Week Intensive Workshop can include:

  • Comprehensive exploration of workshop topics
  • Hands-on Practical Sessions
  • In-depth Case Studies and Industry Applications
  • Expert Panel Discussions
  • Networking Opportunities

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Additional Benefits:

  • Practical Application: Learn how to apply workshop knowledge directly to real-world semiconductor fabrication challenges.
  • Customized Workshops: Tailor workshops to your organization’s specific needs and objectives for maximum impact.
  • Sample Case Studies: Gain insights into real-world applications through sample case studies, providing practical examples of frontend semiconductor fabrication challenges and solutions.
  • Course Materials: Participants will receive comprehensive course materials to supplement their learning and serve as valuable references.

Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to deepen your knowledge, connect with industry peers, and stay ahead in frontend semiconductor technology. Contact us today to set up your own workshop.

Semiconductor Workshop Series

About PhotonExport:

PhotonExport is dedicated to fostering sustainable and groundbreaking research and development in thin films, semiconductor, and nanotechnology. Our specialty lies in providing premium specialty materials tailored to your requirements, ensuring timely delivery at competitive prices.


Dr. David Lishan, Ph.D., brings over 24 years of expertise in plasma processing and frontend semiconductor fabrication. With a solid foundation in solid-state electrical engineering and an extensive portfolio of R&D projects, Dr. Lishan has conducted plasma processing workshops worldwide, significantly contributing to advancements in the field.His focus is on the application of plasma processing for R&D, MEMS, photonics, data storage, power, and compound semiconductor applications. He holds two patents in the area of semiconductor processing and has over 60 publications and conference presentations. Dr. Lishan is a Life Sr. Member of IEEE and is also on technical program committees for the American Vacuum Society and SPIE.

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