Ibertriba 2019 Sevilla PhotonExport



Proud to announce we are the sponsor of IBERTRIVA 2019 Conference, that is taking place every two years, this year we will be presenting the lasts trends in materials for tribology applications.The main topics in this edition are about Tribology & Applied surface science and vacuum applications.

June 26-28
Seville, Spain

Tribology surface treatments and coatings, lubricants and additives, friction and wear, lubrication of machine elements, bio-tribology, virtual modeling of dry and film contacts, case studies in tribology.

Applied surface science and vacuum applications electronic materials and processing, biointerfaces, nanometer structures, plasma science and technology, surface engineering, thin films, vacuum science and technology, hard coatings.

If you want to know more about the event, please click in the link: IBERTRIVA.