PVD Coatings

PVD Metal Hard Coatings

PVD Hard Coating Tools

PhotonExport specializes in providing a diverse range of PVD coating solutions tailored to enhance the performance and durability of industrial and medical tools and components. Our PVD metal hard coatings offer increased durability, wear resistance, and improved performance under extreme conditions, benefiting various industries such as sheet metal pressing, automotive, and aluminum foundries. With coatings like Titanium Nitride (TiN) and Aluminum Titanium Nitride (AlTiN), we ensure high toughness, hardness, and temperature resistance, making them ideal for cutting tools and molds.

Additionally, our specialized coatings cater to specific needs like tribology, chemical compatibility, and healthcare applications, ensuring the longevity and safety of critical equipment such as machining tools and medical devices.

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PVD Decorative Coatings

PVD Decorative coatings with PhotonExport

In the realm of decorative coatings, PhotonExport revolutionizes the industry with PVD technology, offering unparalleled benefits in colors, textures, precision, and functionality. Our decorative coatings excel in applications where aesthetics and durability are crucial, enhancing everyday items like bathroom finishes, kitchen cutlery, and automotive parts. Through innovative materials and precise coating techniques, we provide luxurious finishes for faucets, cutlery, luxury watches, and astronomy observatories.

Moreover, our commitment to sustainability is evident in our recycling initiatives, ensuring environmental responsibility while delivering high-quality decorative coatings for automotive and electronics industries. Join us in embracing the future of decorative coatings, where elegance meets enduring quality.

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